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About us

AJP Capital ‒ Competent and reliable partner in involving investors into the circular economy by providing a versatile offer of investment opportunities.

AJP Capital, established in 2021, is an alternative investment fund manager registered with the Financial and Capital Market Commission (FCMC).

It matters to us that our activities facilitate the transition to a more sustainable world. Together with our clients we take part in a balanced management of the planet's capital.

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The investment funds managed by AJP Capital invest in circular economy projects of varying risk and scale. The projects must meet criteria for environmentally sustainable investments set forth by Regulation (EU) 2020/852 of the European Parliament and of the Council.

The funds invest in the private capital and debt instruments issued by companies fully or partially owned by the relevant fund.

In individual cases the funds may invest in high yield debt instruments issued by unrelated companies, the operation of which meet the investment criteria of the fund.

All investments provide a substantial contribution to at least one of the environmental objectives and do not harm any of the others:

  1. Climate Change Mitigation
  2. Climate Change Adaptation
  3. Sustainable Use and Protection of Water and Marine Resources
  4. Climate Change Adaptation
  5. Pollution Prevention and Control
  6. Protection and Restoration of Biodiversity and Ecosystems


We believe that the world belongs to those who act

Our team members come from diverse market and institutional sectors,
combining expertise that provides high added value to our clients.

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What’s new

Strengthening energy independence in the Baltics: AJP Capital announces closing of its first fund


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In October of this year, AJP Capital's Solar Core Plus fund has been closed, reaching the target size of the fund. Together with partners, the fund will develop industrial-scale solar energy parks in the Baltics with a total target capacity of over 50 MW, which will require more than 75 ha of land covered with solar panels.

Investments in renewable energy are particularly important in the context of EU member states' efforts to reduce energy dependence and global efforts to combat the looming negative effects of climate change. The Solar Core Plus Fund is the beginning of AJP Capital's and investors' contribution towards these energy independence and sustainability endeavours. It is the first of the renewable energy and circular economy funds that AJP Capital plans to launch in the future.

Didzis Bērziņš, Managing Partner of AJP Capital: “We are grateful to our investors for deciding to pursue sustainable investments through our fund. We are especially excited that Signet Bank has joined the fund as the lead institutional investor, providing not only their financial contribution, but also giving us an opportunity to use the bank’s experience in attracting an